What Is a Joy Warrior?

The first time I was asked what it takes to become a Joy Warrior, I had to think long and hard. I wanted to make sure the answer made sense. So, I took a day to think about it, cleaned the bathroom and waited for the heavy rains to pass. For some insane reason, cleaners and rain seem to clear my mind. I’ve often asked myself why is it that Pine Sol and Mother Nature always have this innate tendency to provide me with clarity.

Joy WarriorIf you know anything about me or you visit my house, the bathroom’s always clean. That’s the one reason I actually LIKE cleaning the bathroom – folks coming over to visit always have a clean place to make their peace – a sink; a toilet; a tub. No one was stopping by this time – so I needed to kick resistance in the a*%s and write a simple, story about being a Joy Warrior. So, I thought it’s a lot like cleaning the loo (Oh,that’s a polite British word for lavatory!).

Becoming a Joy Warrior involves being ready, willing and able to tackle all the mold and mildew that’s been growing in dark places. It involves, putting on the rubber gloves, getting down on our hands and knees and scrubbing, disinfecting and cleaning all that sh%*t. Now, let’s be honest. Do we like it? Is it necessary? And lastly, do we have to do it? We could easily answer “No” to all three questions, but then the scum, mildew and bacteria continues to grow. Get the picture?

Now, I can honestly say I can clean ONE mean bathroom. But that doesn’t mean it’s done for good. After all, there’s maintenance. For some it’s a daily thing, for others it’s a weekly or a monthly thing. For those who don’t do this… I recommend it as a way to remove the daily dirt and gritty grime that unknowingly creeps in your life. Get the pail, put on the gloves, pull out the cleaners, sponges and whatever else is needed and go to it.

Still asking what a Joy Warrior is— It’s someone who’s willing to get down & dirty; spend some time scrubbing away the sh%&t and welcome folks to a clean place … a place you can find peace.

Welcome to my sacred space :- )

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